branches of biologyHere is a list of many of the branches of biology:

Agriculture – The study of the cultivation of plants and animals for food
Astrobiology - The study of origin of life on earth and its potential existence elsewhere in the universe
Biochemistry – The study of chemical processes in living things
Biogeography – The study of the geographical distribution of living things
Bacteriology – The study of bacteria
Botany – The study of plant life
Cell biology – The study of cells and cellular processes
Cetology - The study of whales, dolphins, and porpoise in the scientific order Cetacea
Dendrology – The study of trees (a sub-field of botany)
Dipterology – The branch of biology concerned with the study of flies (a sub-branch of entomology)
Ecology – The study of the interactions between living things and their environment
Embryology –  The study of embryos
Endocrinology – The study of hormones and their effects
Entomology – The study of insects (a branch of zoology)
Environmental biology – The study of the natural world as a whole
Hematology – The study of blood
Herpetology – The study of reptiles (a branch of zoology)
Histology  - The study of tissue
Ichthyology – The study of fish (a branch of zoology)
Immunology –  The study of the immune system
Genetics – The study of heredity and genes
Lepidopterology - The study of moths and butterflies
Lymphology - The study of the lymphatic system and glands
Mammalogy – The study of mammals
Marine biology – The study of marine life
Microbiology – The study of micro-organisms
Mycology – The study of fungi
Neurobiology - The study of the nervous system
Oncology – The study of cancer
Ornithology - The study of birds (a branch of zoology)
Osteology - The study of bones
Paleontology - The study of fossils and pre-historic life (think dinosaurs)
Pathology – The study of disease
Pharmacology - The study of effects of medication
Phycology – The study of algae
Physiology - The study of the function in living organisms
Primatology – The study of primates
- The study of viruses
Zoology – The study of animals

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