Your lovely author doing some science.

I’m Melanie, the author and owner of ScienceSphere.

Why ScienceSphere: I’m just a lowly undergrad, but I have a huge passion for pretty much everything science-y (as you can probably see from the broad range of topics in ScienceSphere.) I learn the most by writing. Writing articles for ScienceSphere requires an incredible amount of research, but the trade-off is that I learn a lot!

Background: I’m a student majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I’m interested in Chemistry and Geology, so I could totally see myself as a career researcher in geochemistry.

Non-Science Stuff: I like to eat ethnic food. Reading books rocks my socks off! I’m fluent in both English and Sarcasm. I have a strong sense of adventure which I get from my mom and I get my love of science and highly methodical note-taking skills from my dad. I have two cats, thus qualifying me for the title of “cat lady.” My style is best described as “frigid librarian.” Hear that gents? All this could be yours! (Just kidding!)

Want to hire me? If so, that’s awesome because I want to be hired (that works out so nicely!) Check out my Resume/CV.